The team at Coastal Community Animal Clinic is comprised of highly trained and experienced animal health professionals who have a genuine love for working with pets. Our staff treats every patient with the highest quality of medical care as well as a gentle touch.

David R. Baker, DVM

David BakerDavid R. Baker, DVM - Coastal Community Animal Clinic - League City, TX received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University in 1984. A native Texan, David grew up working with animals at his father’s veterinary clinic in Alvin, Texas. Opening Coastal Community Animal Clinic in 1985, Dr.Baker brings over 30 years experience to the gulf coast area treating small animals with a special interest in surgery and critical cases.

In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr.Baker owns a ranch near Austin where he enjoys wildlife management. A true outdoorsman, he loves fishing hunting, running and even flying.

Dr. Baker is a member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Harris County VMA.

Anita Hernandez, Office Manager

Anita Hernandez - Coastal Community Animal Clinic - League City, TXAnita Hernandez was born in Houston, Texas and raised on a farm off of Highway 249. From an early age, she learned to hunt, fish, and camp. Even as she grew up and moved to her current home in Texas City, Texas, she continues to spend her days with animals. She simply adores her pets. Anita also loves to spend her spare time hunting, fishing, and camping with her family. Anita loves having a job where she can work with animals. She has a high level of energy and is full of enthusiasm. She always welcomes new clients and pets with her arms open wide. She brings her eight years of experience working in the animal field to our practice. Clients, patients, and our entire staff truly love her.

Melissa Johnstone

Melissa Johnstone - Coastal Community Animal Clinic - League City, TXMelissa Johnstone was born and raised in Houston, Texas, growing up on a farm and helping her family out with their feed store. She has always had animals in her life, along with a love and passion for them. She loves to spend time outdoors. She enjoys riding horses, hunting, fishing, camping, and anything out outdoorsy. Melissa graduated with a Cosmetology Degree. She is also a disabled veteran who spent four and a half years in the United States Army. Melissa currently resides in Texas City, Texas. She is very dedicated to her hobby of photography. She even won best amateur photo in a contest which won her a calendar with her dogs!We are very lucky to have Melissa who is often called a dog whisperer because she is wonderful with all patients (even aggressive ones). She loves a challenge and says, “the bigger, the better.” She brings her eighteen years as a veterinary technician, along with her enthusiasm for helping animals to our practice and we are lucky to have her!

Elizabeth Fuentes

Elizabeth Fuentes - Coastal Community Animal Clinic - League City, TXElizabeth Fuentes brings her fifteen years of product services to our office. A true animal lover, she is filled with enthusiasm and a high level of energy. She is exceptional on the phone and is very helpful for all of our clients. She truly has a compassion for all of our clients and their pets, making her an asset to our clinic.
Elizabeth is an avid outdoorswoman. She has a passion for running and biking on the trails in our neighborhood and even farther!

Alexa Trevino

Our Veterinary Tech in training!


Rufus - Coastal Community Animal Clinic - League City, TXRufus is Dr. Baker’s sidekick. He enjoys fetching, sleeping, eating and lying in the sun. He goes wherever Dr. Baker goes, so be sure to give him a pat when you visit the clinic!