Pet Boarding Services - League City, Texas

*Large indoor climate controlled runs*

*Walked in green areas four times a day*

*Additional play / walk time is available*


The Unpleasant Truth

The truth about many boarding facilities is that they choose to allow pets to urinate and defecate in their cages and are often only cleaned once a day. We believe this constitutes not only poor treatment for your pet but could be hazardous to their health, potentially spreading parasites and illnesses. As popular as it may be, we disagree with “group play” because putting multiple unrestrained dogs in an unfamiliar area can result in fights and potential injury to your pet. Kennels are generally not staffed by people educated in animal health or behavior so they may not be aware of the many problems associated with the typical kennel concept.

At Coastal Community Animal Clinic we strive to keep your pets healthy, happy and safe. While staying with us your pet will be individually taken to an outdoor green area 4 times a day. We offer additional one-on-one play or walk time around our yard and lake to give pets extra time out of their run. The entire kennel is thoroughly cleaned at least 3 times a day to maintain sanitation. Your pet will be in an indoor and temperature controlled facility monitored by a member of our knowledgable veterinary staff.

Our staff members understand how difficult leaving your pet can be. You can depend on us to ease the stress while you’re away. Our goal is to change the concept of traditional boarding to make it a more pleasant experience for you and more comfortable and enjoyable visit for your pet.